"I contacted Sarah to help me prepare for a five hundred kilometre bike ride from London to Paris.  Sarah provided nutrition and fitness plans which helped me to lose weight and get fitter on the bike, meaning that I completed the ride to Paris comfortably.  Throughout the process, Sarah was helpful, available, and kept me motivated to continue"


David Waters,

I am so thankful for finding Sarah. She has been great in helping me lose weight (over 40 pounds!) but more importantly, helping me learn to live a healthier lifestyle with food and exercise. Sarah is very patient and encouraging on this journey. I have learned to read labels better and also the importance of putting the right combination of foods together for sustainable energy. There are no gimmicks or pre-packaged foods with Sarah. It is about making right choices, eating whole foods and exercising. Thank you, Sarah!

Highly recommend Sarah!!

Bethany M,

“When I first started in the Performance Nutrition program with BlueNutritionPro, I already had pretty good nutrition but what I didn’t realize was how important macronutrient ratios and calories are depending on the type of training/sport and activity level. As an endurance athlete, you suggested switching from my long time low carb diet to a high carb diet plus increasing my calorie consumption. I was a bit hesitant at first but trusted your expertise.

Since the switch I have noticed I don’t “hit the wall” as often in training and racing and I have actually LOST 8lbs! My view on the importance of carbs has completely changes. With the right kind of carbs and eaten at the right time, they can improve performance and body composition.”

I would definitely recommend Sarah from BlueNutritionPro to anyone!

Rosie J,

The biggest result in working with BlueNutritionPro is having confidence.


Confidence in my coach, confidence in the process and confidence in myself.


I know that if I follow Sarah’ program the results will happen.


On top of that, I have enjoyed learning more about what type of training suits my body type, enjoying trying new exercises, identifying my technical flaws and what to lookout for in videos.


If you hire Sarah, you won't be disappointed!!


You'll learn so much whilst progressing block by block.


I've never enjoyed my training as much as when I've been with BlueNutritionPro.


Kenny C,