Corporate Wellness Program

So many companies now offer wellness programs to their employees, however much of the information given by our competitors and is often incorrect, outdated and boring, resulting in little or even no return on your investment. So here at BlueNutritionPro we give advice that will actually have an impact on health, energy levels and wellbeing.  We at BlueNutritionPro do understand that with limited time, messages given need to be relevant, practical, interactive and engaging so BlueNutritionPro’s lectures, seminars and workshops inspire and motivate and you won't ever find us delivering basic public health messages that lack efficacy. We also understand that when your employees spend time out of the office, it is a big and very real cost to you, but we have experience working with thousands of individuals of all ages and lifestyles, tangibly improving people's lives in just single 90-minute talks and/or 1-2-1's!

Why should you BlueNutrtionPro for your Corporate Wellness Program?

Your employees are under constant pressure to perform better, quicker and more creatively than ever. We offer tailor made programs to meet your specific requirements delivered via corporate nutrition workshops, seminars and individual consultations.

Our corporate nutrition programs can tangibly transform your company by:

  • Improving productivity through energising employees
  • Maximising cognitive performance
  • Reducing absenteeism and reducing time lost
  • Improving morale and reducing turnover
  • Improving debilitating medical conditions (like diabetes, obesity, IBS, crohns disease, chronic stress and many morea)
  • Ultimately reducing costs associated with lost time, low productivity and high turnover rates
  • Provide pre and post operation nutrition advice for those individuals expected to be away from work for a sustained period

How can BlueNutritionPro improve your workforce become corporate athletes?

Every business is different so therefore this will reflect differing requirements (e.g. hours worked, shift patterns, food and canteen amenities, level of activity and concentration etc), that's why BlueNutritionPro won't deliver the same lecture twice and tailored our information and applied knowledge to best fit your needs.

Here are a few examples of bespoke nutrition programs and workshops that we have presented for our company clients that were needed to suit their workforce needs:

  • Maximising energy levels through a healthy diet
  • Eating for weight loss
  • Choosing a healthy lunch on the go
  • Keeping well through winter
  • Nutritionally coping with stress
  • Keeping the family healthy
  • Living with diabetes

What platforms can BlueNutritionPro offer?

BlueNutritionPro offer many different platforms to help communicate optimal nutrition to busy individuals:

  • Lectures (50+ delegates), seminars (10-50 delegates), workshops (max 15 delegates; ideal for either super keen individuals or those most in need)
  • 1-2-1 (ideal for key individuals who need intensive 1-2-1 assistance)
  • Snack tables with ideal snack ideas
  • Provide snack kits for each delegate
  • Health screening
  • Posters and handouts
  • Nutritional analysis and calorie labelling in canteens
  • Consultancy for new product development sold within the food and fitness industry
  • Follow up sessions (If required)

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