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Casein: Are your protein supplements made with bad ingredients?

If you’re an athlete, a fitness advocate or a dieter who routinely uses protein supplements, there’s a good chance your supplement is made with one or more bad ingredients. The worst bad ingredient is called casein. So what exactly is casein? Casein is the main protein in raw milk. It is typically extracted via acid…
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Pimp your Protein Shake

Let me start off my stating that “Protein Shakes” are not magical foods that suddenly turn you into muscle bound bodybuilders or beach babes. That’s all hype and marketing which supplement companies have been using to sell their products for the past 20yrs or so. First of all, protein is simply just one of three macronutrients.…
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Fuel Like the Pros

Parents often contact me looking for nutrition advice for their child and they all swear their kid is going to get a college scholarship, while even more are going pro! Sound familiar? Hopefully it is true, but aside from the training they have, there’s often one component of an overall program that’s missing from making…
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