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Dehydration: How lack of water affects your body

With the warmer climate approaching, it is increasingly important to stay properly hydrated, both for maintaining good health and optimum performance levels. The human body is made up of roughly two thirds water so it is easy to see why we need to replace lost fluid for the body and mind to function optimally. Generally,…
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Athletes Avoiding Gluten and Grains: Is There Good Evidence?

The gluten-free trend is a popular one, and many athletes have hopped on the bandwagon thinking it might improve their health, digestion, and athletic performance. People with celiac disease (about 1% of the population) need to absolutely avoid gluten because it damages their intestines; others believe they are “gluten sensitive,” which is a debatable condition that recent studies have…
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How Does Beet Juice Improve Athletic Performance?

Boost Your Workout with a Glass of Beet Juice Athletes and active adults are leaning more towards nutrient dense foods to improve athletic performance. Diets rich in vegetables like beets are shown to have a significant impact on body functions during exercise. In fact, beetroot juice has become one of the most popular ergogenic supplements for athletes.…
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