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Sarah has professional knowledge backed with years of experience to help my online clients reach their health, fitness and nutritional goals.

BlueNutritionPro provides nutrition services to individuals, athletes and corporate clients

All services are delivered by a Registered Nutritionist.

We provide clients with fitness programmes and nutritional advice with 24/7 support, accountability and tools to help you to accomplish your fitness and nutrition goals.

Why online coaching?

Online coaching is a time-efficient system designed to deliver a tailor made and personal service without having to leave your home, office or trip abroad.

After an initial consultation of your current lifestyle, training and diet an emailed form, we will discuss a plan to reach in your goals. This can be in a zoom or Skype session, phone call or simply by email.

The assessment is thorough and take into account many aspects of your wellbeing, to ensure you not only reach your primary goals, but also benefit from a boost in energy, immunity, better sleep, better sports performance, in training,  increased motivation and better performance at work.


Its easier than taking time out of a buys schedule and can be incorporated into part of your normal day, for example on the commute home so you can spend more time focussing on the important people and activities in your life, whilst taking care or yourself, with a dedicated wellbeing plan and online support as and when you need it.

Anyone can benefit from online coaching from busy workers to busy mums , those who spend hours studying or those who have to travel with work. there is always a diet and/or workout you can do at home, in the gym or on your travels.

With the online nutrition coaching option I will email your assessment form where you can tell me about your goals, food preferences, training schedules and any special dietary requirements you may have, answering any questions you have along the way.

Once I have gathered all the information I need to design your plan, I'll email the final product including meal planner, recipes, and food diary.

I also provide training plans to complement your nutrition plan with support as needed.

Sarah analyses your diet, makes sustainable & easy to manage changes that allow you to achieve your goals. She will measure your body fat and weight before providing a post consultation (including 3 days meal plan) booklet to summarise the session. Results and evidence based practice drives the changes of your diet.

If you're new to the site and BlueNutritionPro, please have a look at the About Us page for more information on why we are a trusted source of information, or read our client Testimonials to see if we can help you too!

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About Sarah

specialising in professional weight loss programs
I am a Certified Anthropometrist (ISAK) at Level 1. I also hold a Masters of Science degree in Sports and Exercise Nutrition from Middlesex University (London, UK)...

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Recent Testimonials

Anonymous (Family friend)
Since going to see Sarah at Blue Nutrition Pro I’ve learnt a great deal from her on health, weight and nutrition and I can carry all of the knowledge that I have learnt along with me today. She has a vast knowledge.